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·       JL Racing is the vendor for Robinson Crew Uniforms and for apparel that may be used during practice. The Robinson Crew uniform includes two pieces: a unisuit that is a one-piece design and, a long-sleeved racing shirt that is worn over the unisuit during colder events.


·       All athletes must have both pieces for the 2018-19 season.   New uniforms for novices (and replacement uniforms for returning athletes) will be ordered via our online store. The cost of the uniform is included in registration fees for novice rowers. Experienced rowers may order replacement uniforms however replacement uniforms are not covered in the registration fees for returning rowers.


·       The Uniform Coordinator will size novice rowers during land practice in the month of December.


·       Additional practice and regatta-related apparel may be purchased on the JL Racing online team store. These items include Tights and a Splash Jacket designed specifically for rowers.  The Splash Jacket is highly recommended and is offered in a rich Royal Blue and Gold. Please note however, that the jacket is not a requirement for practice or the regattas. 


·       All orders will be shipped to TBD who will distribute these items at practice and at the general membership meetings.  Questions? Please call the number listed in the Robinson Crew Directory or email