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February 18 at Sandy Run
First Day on the Water 4 - 6:30 @ Sandy Run The first day on the...
Going to the River soon - Need Carpool Drivers!
All parents are welcome to sign-up to drive and earn two service...
Mandatory Concussion Training
All Rowers and Parents ****Concussion Training****  All Students...
Service Hour Opportunities
Check this link  2018-19 Service Hour Spreadsheet to view...
Upcoming Events
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February 18 at Sandy Run

First Day on the Water

4 - 6:30 @ Sandy Run

The first day on the water is an FCPS student holiday (President’s Day).  Since your students will not be at school that day, please arrange for their transportation to/from Sandy Run.  Our world-famous carpool service will start on Tuesday Feb 19th providing rower transportation to Sandy Run -- see below (Carpool section).

by posted 02/11/2019
Going to the River soon - Need Carpool Drivers!

All parents are welcome to sign-up to drive and earn two service hours per carpool...but first we need your paperwork!

Drivers must have an insurance/driver's license form on file. 

Driver's License & Vehicle Insurance Form Link

Each driver needs this form completed and signed by Mr. Eline.  Even if you think you can't drive, there may be a day you might be able to earn those two service hours, so it is highly recommended that each driver turns in a form.   

Mr. Eline checks EVERY line before he signs it. If you don't fill it out completely, it will not be signed, and you will need to resubmit it, and it could delay your carpool driving.

The second form that must be completed is the Field Trip Permission Form (see link below).  Your rower can only use carpool if they have this form completed, so it is highly recommended that each rower turns one in (even if they currently drive--their car may be in the shop one day and they need a ride).  

Field Trip Permission Form Link  

Carpool Sign Ups: 

Rowers must be signed-up for rides No later than 5PM on the prior Sunday. Rowers who haven't signed up by the deadline will be required to make other travel arrangements to the river. 

The pick-up location will be at Robinson by Door #6 which is located just past the erg shed and beyond the preschool playground. Drivers and rowers should arrive by 3:30PM. 

The last driver will depart at 3:45PM SHARP!  

Please Note -- Parents are responsible for the trip home from Sandy Run.

Coming soon -- look for an email with Rower and Driver signups.

Questions?  Email Elaine Sullivan or Valerie Dunn @ or look for us at the next general meeting.

by posted 02/04/2019
Mandatory Concussion Training

All Rowers and Parents

****Concussion Training**** 

All Students AND Parents must complete the Concussion Training, or the student will not be allowed to practice on the water.  The training link is: 


***100% compliance is needed on this from athletes and parents. If it's not completed by both parent and student, the student will not get on the water.

by posted 02/04/2019
Service Hour Opportunities

Check this link  2018-19 Service Hour Spreadsheet to view service hours for the year ending Feb 15, 2019.  Any unearned service hours will result in a charge of $15 per hour.  Your athlete will be ineligible to participate in any crew activities including practice after February 15th until the service hour deficiency is paid in full. 

Discrepancies?  Please contact the volunteer coordinator in charge of the activity/event to rectify or Lauren Denelsbeck at


Current Opportunities

1.  Launch Boat Driver:  4 service hours and the chance to see the race up close on Regatta days!  Take the launch boat safety training online at www.boatus.org, once completed, please email the certificate to 


2.  Carpool Drivers to Sandy Run for practice starting soon! See above headline

3.  Merrifield Fundraiser thru April 15: Purchase Merrifield Gift Cards in denominations of $25 or $50.  Receive 1 service hour for each $50 purchase. Robinson Crew will receive 20% of all purchases.  The cards will never expire and can be used just like cash.  The cards cannot be replaced. They can be used on anything in the store and can be used at all 3 Merrifield locations.

Collections and card deliveries will be ongoing through the Spring until April 15th. 

Please contact Dallison Veach: 

4.  VASRA workdays:

If you like being outside and on the water, please consider signing up.  This volunteer opportunity is for Adults only.  Please be aware that these jobs will involve working on the water and getting mucky and wet!  Dress appropriately.  Please sign in with VASRA when arriving to make sure you receive your service hours!

SignUp Genius Link:  VASRA Work Day Sign Up

Questions? Contact Konni Cuartas at 


Watch this space for upcoming volunteer opportunities -- you can earn hours for a one-time event or be guaranteed some each month through various coordinator positions.


If you have any questions - please email

by posted 11/12/2018
Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars:


·         March 12th – General Membership Meeting 7-9PM

·         March 22nd – Season Kick-Off Party, Bonnie Brae ES, immediately after practice till 9PM

·         March 23rd – Polar Bear Regatta @ Sandy Run

·         March 30th – Regional Park Regatta @ Sandy Run

by posted 10/08/2018
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